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Client Testimonials


"It's four buildings away from us. But that is not the reason that we chose County National Bank. We chose it for the service, You establish a relationship with your tellers, your branch managers, things like that."

Eagles Nest

"We've had the two restaurants there, and then we bought Eagle Point Marina. We bought that in 2020, and we've had great success there, and we've had great partners with County National Bank"

The Barn

"I've always known County National Bank to be a part of our lives and a part of what we do here. And so we've carried that on gladly."

Kohler Farm

"It was my high school year getting a checking account at County National Bank and County National Bank has always been the bank of choice for my family and the lots of people within our close a knit community that you know recommended County National Bank."

Dundee Products

"We sat down, and we talked, and it just seemed different than the other banks."


"we believe in them as much as they believe in us to make our dream come true of owning a business, first of all, and her dream come true of owning a food business"

Iott Insurance Agency

"we just kind of snowballed into working with Chris Tarsha in the Treasury Management Department and then with Christopher and Holleigh and in the Wealth Management Department. And now some of us even work with Julie Miller in the Private Banking department. And in all reality, we’re all in with County National Bank."

Cascades Humane Society

"We chose CNB because of the positive feedback and great reviews we received while asking around in our community."

Junior Achievement

"Our success comes from the relationship that we have with educators and business people and putting all of them together."

Precision Metal Art

"It's a relationship with what we can do, we've seen this opportunity, and we think we can help in this area. It's back and forth quite often, right, like a good relationship. There's a lot of communication. And those are two attributes that County National has that I very much appreciated. I always recommend County National Bank as a wonderful all-encompassing solution."

Rima Manufacturing

"I have recommended County National many times. But the best part about it is you guys are a fit for everyone, whether it's personal banking, whether it's a small business, medium business, you guys have something for everybody. And so it's easy to recommend you to friends and cohorts throughout the community."

Croswell Opera House

"I love being able to recommend County National Bank to businesses and individuals looking for help with their banking, looking for personal needs."

Hillsdale County Fair

"We would highly recommend County National Bank because they have been so supportive of us. They take good care of us. It's nice to walk in the lobby and be recognized. They know who we are; we know who they are. It's important for us to have that relationship, and I would certainly encourage anyone else to have that as well."

Wilcox Lawn & Landscaping

"We have a lot of questions because of the growth that we've been in and the communication that we receive from County National Bank has been excellent and really helped us out a lot in our decision making."

Kitchen Shop

"The service I received from County National Bank has been above and beyond my expectations as a business owner. They've been thorough in their process and helped me see the end product and finish line that I needed to have for my business. It's important to me to work with people in my small town community that I grew up in."