CNB Debit Card Alerts

CNB Debit Card Alerts

Your Account Fraud Alert System (YAFAS)

What is YAFAS?

YAFAS stands for Your Account Fraud Alert Service. It’s an automatic alert service that monitors your account(s) and instantly e-mails you within minutes after it locates an electronic transaction that will be posted to your account.

How YAFAS Works For You

Early each morning, YAFAS will track your transactions that are processed through the electronic network, known as the ACH system. These are trans­actions that will be posted to your account today or a day in the future. With your permission, YAFAS will send you an e-mail each morning at home or work, informing you of the electronic transactions that will be posted to your account.

If you see a withdrawal that you did not authorize, you will be able to return it before it creates an overdraft to your account causing good checks you may have written to bounce. This means you can feel good knowing that you are being immediately alerted each time electronic transactions are sched­uled to be posted to your account.

Download the application below and bring it into your local branch to sign up for YAFAS today.

Fraud Alert Sign Up

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