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County National Bank Shares Community Support for 2022

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Joseph R. Williams, President and CEO of County National Bank (“CNB”), is pleased to announce that in 2022 CNB supported over 200 local organizations through financial assistance and volunteer hours. CNB associates completed over 2000 volunteer hours for local organizations, and CNB provided more than $582,000 in donations and sponsorships for the communities we serve.

At CNB, our philosophy and goal is “Banking that Stays in the Community.” We are committed to making a difference in the overall quality of life in our markets, and that includes banking activities that increase commerce, encourage volunteerism, and contribute to worthy causes. Our lending decisions are made locally, and we reinvest deposits into the community, helping local businesses expand, creating employment opportunities, and allowing for donations to local organizations.

CNB associates are proud to serve by giving their time and talent to make a positive impact in the communities where they live and work. The organizations we contribute to ensure the progress of economic development, civic/community projects, education and financial literacy. When you bank with County National Bank, you’re banking on the success of our institution and that of our communities.

At County National Bank, we remain grateful for the support and confidence of our clients and communities. We appreciate the trust you have in us, and we will continue to strive every day to exceed your expectations.