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Businesses Show Appreciation to HCMCF employees

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Donation to the Hillsdale County Medical Care Facility

Article Courtesy of the Hillsdale Daily News

By Nancy Hastings

In conjunction with Cottage Inn Pizza, County National Bank is coordinating a donation to support all employees at the Hillsdale County Medical Care Facility.

The bank is offering gift certificates for a free large pizza to each employee, and Cottage Inn is providing items for each as well.

CNB Marketing Manager Amber Yoder said this is a benefit to the employees of the Medical Care Facility and their families "to showcase the amazing work that the HCMCF is doing, and how local businesses are partnering and working together to support them.

"County National Bank is aware that the Hillsdale County Medical Care Facility has been working very hard to meet the challenges of the recent COVID-19 pandemic," Yoder said. "With so many patients and staff directly impacted, CNB was inspired to find a way to reach out and show our support for those who are working so hard in caring for the most vulnerable in our community. We put together a few ideas of how we could demonstrate our appreciation to the entire staff, and the HCMCF let us know which option they favored."

Yoder said the bank contacted Cottage Inn initially because they have a great reputation for being community supporters.

"After a number of conversations with Donna Olmstead (Cottage Inn Pizza owner), we came up with an offer that we thought would be most useful to the HCMCF staff members," Yoder said. "CNB is providing a large, two-topping pizza for each employee and Cottage Inn is providing an order of InnStix and a 2-liter of their choice."

Yoder said CNB is excited about this partnership and this offer, because "it will go a long way toward providing a meal for each employee's family." They can also redeem them individually at a time and date that works best for them.

Yoder said when the bank opened its doors in 1934, it made a decision to be a true community bank.

"Over 85 years later, we can proudly say that CNB is still deeply committed to our communities," Yoder said. "We are certainly open to further partnerships to benefit the essential and frontline workers of our communities. We sincerely appreciate their sacrifices and their commitment to continuing to provide needed services to our families, friends, and neighbors."

Olmstead from Cottage Inn said when she heard the idea, she was immediately on board because she, too, had been thinking of a way to help out essential workers. And since they do a lot of business for the Medical Care Facility, both for large groups and individuals, Olmstead said the idea really spoke to her heart.

"The package gift card idea gives their families a hot, good quality meal at a time when it's really needed," Olmstead said. "It's a way to say thank you to essential workers."

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